About us

Holding hands foundation is a nongovernmental organization focused on fostering a better community. It aims to provide aid and support to people in communities where poverty has become epidemic while also focusing on its goal of promoting sporting activities in rural areas. Sports have in various ways helped better the lives of individuals across communities and hence, the Holding Hands Foundation acknowledges the need to create more opportunities for kids and youths that are interested in taking life careers in sports. In general, the organization is focused on promoting the well-being of people and the community as a whole.

Dream Support

best education

Youth Support

good health


Affecting lives in positive ways is our primary goal


As a foundation we believe in the necessity of urgent action against hunger, illiteracy and all other barriers that deter people from achieving their dreams especially in Africa.

Who We Are

HFF is non-gov organization that is working towards metamorphosing into a globally recognized organization through our commitment to fostering a more inclusive society where hunger, education and opportunities no longer serve as deterrence towards a achieving a bright future.